See what customers say about Anesthesia Connections

“We moved our ASC’s anesthesia services to Anesthesia Connections based on their commitment to be more flexible and responsive to our needs while providing excellent customer service. To date, they have excelled in all areas! Our surgeons are now more productive which has enabled us to not only increase the number of cases we do in the surgery center, but also allows them the time to see more patients in the clinic. As an added bonus, they have also leveraged their experience and relationships in the industry to assist us in implementing other cost savings initiatives within the surgery center that have positively impacted our bottom line. They are true partners and have played an instrumental role in the recent success of our ASC.”

Ronald K. Milligan, Chief Operating Officer (Virginia Physicians for Women)

“I couldn’t be happier with my experience. The ability to provide safe, hospital-quality anesthesia in my dental office has positively impacted patients and the practice. Anesthesia Connections makes it so easy.”

Dr. Will Monacell, DDS, FICOI (

“My experience with Anesthesia Connections has only been positive. I did not perform certain procedures in the office, for example endometrial ablations, because I was not comfortable with the amount of discomfort my patients felt despite sedation and a local anesthetic. Additionally, I was concerned about being able to manage an anesthetic complication on my own. However, since working with Anesthesia Connections, that is no longer an issue. I am now able to perform procedures with a board-certified anesthesiologist right at my side. My patients experience almost no discomfort and I am able to focus on the procedure and not on pain management. It’s amazing to see my patients undergo a procedure, such as an ablation, and be able to leave with minimal post-operative pain shortly thereafter. This is the way to go! The staff with AC is extremely professional and prides themselves on making patient safety their number one priority.”

Linda Mathison, MD. Gynecologist (Virginia Center for Women – Chesapeake, VA)

“I was hesitant to perform certain procedures in the office due to concerns regarding patient discomfort and safety. I was also very comfortable with the Anesthesia services at Inova Fairfax Hospital, one of the largest and highly rated OBGYN hospitals in the country. I have been extremely impressed with the quality of the Anesthesia Connections services which I feel is superior to what I experience in the hospital outpatient surgery department. I have noticed a refined technique of their anesthesia which is tailor made to the procedure I am performing resulting in a rapid recovery for the patient. All patient issues with regards to reactions to the anesthesia or procedure have been dealt with rapidly and effectively. Our patients have been thrilled with the experience and the results of their procedures. I could not be more pleased with Anesthesia Connections and hope to continue to expand our office surgery rapidly over the next year.”

Samuel Grimm, MD. Gynecologist (Capital Women’s Care – Division 38)

“The physicians at our IVF center are tremendously pleased with the anesthesia services provided by Anesthesia Connections. The anesthesiologists are professional and communicate well with the physicians and patients. Due to their excellent care, our transvaginal egg retrieval procedures are performed with minimal discomfort to the patient, and in most cases the patient actually walks out of the operating suite. The anesthesiologists are available to discuss the medical conditions of the patient and in a number of cases have met with the patient a few days before the scheduled procedures to discuss specific concerns. Our procedures can only be scheduled one or two days in advance and are often on the weekend; and the anesthesiologists have been most flexible with their schedules. In rare cases, when necessary, they have even agreed to do a procedure at an usual time such as late in the afternoon or in the evening. Anesthesia Connections is a most professional group and we are pleased to work with them.”

Michael C. Edelstein, M.D. Medical Director (Virginia IVF and Andrology Center – Richmond, VA)

“We have had an amazingly positive experience with Anesthesia Connections. Their physicians have been skilled, caring and reliable. Our patients have had essentially no complaints with Anesthesia Connections….amazing considering that fertility patients undergoing IVF tend to be very demanding. Two thumbs way up for Anesthesia Connections.”

John David Gordon MD, Co-Director (Dominion Fertility – Arlington VA)

“I can breathe a sigh of relief using Anesthesia Connections. I know that a Board Certified Anesthesiologist is taking excellent care of my patients. Anesthesia Connections goes above and beyond any other anesthesia group to strategically partner with my practice. I strongly recommend you contact them to see how they may be able to help you.”

Mathew G. Stanwix, MD, FACS (